Limousine in bucharest

Limousine in bucharest

 We have limousine services in bucharest from the airport or from your hotel 

you need photos or to ask any question whatsapp us to +40721025197

*The prices are not per Per person. Are per the limousine.


Hover limousine in bucharest (until 4-5 people) 90 euro per hour

Dodge limousine in bucharest (until 7 people) 120 euro per hour

Chrysler limousine in bucharest (until  7 people) 120 euro per hour

Hummer limousine in bucharest (until 10 people) 130 euro per hour

Ford limousine in bucharest:(until 12 people) 140 euro per hour

BMW limousine in bucharest (until 13 people) 150 euro per hour


Ford limousine in bucharest (until 15 people) 160 euro per hour

Cadilac limousine in bucharest (until 18 people) 180 euro per hour


Hummer limousine in bucharest (until 18 people) 180 euro per hour

*prices changes from time to time so important to contact us…weekend time its 20 euro more.



Important information:

The limousine can be booked 21:00 (Romanian time) day before the  transfer. U can always call us.

For transfers with limousine in bucharest from the airport its Very important to give us the


details of the flight and to update us if there is any change. Of course our driver will follow the flight hours to wait you on the right time. Hope that you will enjoy the transfers from Bucharest airport with *Trip Romania*.

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